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Selig Film Interview with filmmakers Izzy & Louis Fonseca at the 2017 Austin Film Festival



AFF Filmmaker Q&A

Director, Louis answered some very poignant questions about TGU for Austin Film Festival. We think you'll find it very insightful and thought provoking...

What inspired you come up with the idea for the film? Why did you want to tell this story?

A number of years ago I was attacked by my parents goose and from there the story began. Who are geese? What are they thinking about? Are they people just like us? And most critically- what does GOOSE stand for... (see?!)


jon pointing joins cast of itv 2's plebs

It has been announced that Series 4 of Plebs will launch on ITV2 this April.

However, the series will see a major cast change. Joel Fry, who played Stylax across the first three series, has left the show. Jonathan Pointing has joined the key cast as happy-go-lucky builder Jason...